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Relax while we take care of the details​

Pool Design

We listen to your ideas to create a design that meets all your needs. Any design can be modified to make it the perfect fit for your budget and lifestyle.

Pool Layout

Once you've selected the perfect pool design and the contract is signed, we will mark out the pool in your backyard. This step shows exactly where the pool will be in your backyard. Adjustments can still be made at this time.

HOA + CITY PERMITS (If needed)

We compile all necessary documentation necessary for HOA approval. If City Permits are required, we communicate and handle the approval process with City personnel. Relax while we take care of the details!


Now we're getting started! Our team of highly skilled and experienced subcontractors will excavate (or dig out) the area in your backyard for the swimming pool/spa and perform any necessary demolition. We will maintain a tidy work area at all times.

Steel Reinforcement

We will install the reinforcing steel (or rebar) and then perform all the necessary electrical and plumbing set-up.


Next, your swimming pool/spa will be sprayed with a concrete substance of gunite, which is installed with high pressure, forming a super strong structure. It takes approximately 1-2 weeks to cure (or dry). 

Tile + Coping

Once cured, we can add the tile and coping you've selected for your new swimming pool/spa.

Details + Equipment

This phase of work is when customized features of your swimming pool/spa come to life. Any accessories, such as fire features and waterfalls, will be built or installed in this phase. Final electrical and plumbing hook-ups are completed and equipment installation is finalized.


Your selected pool decking will be installed in this phase. You will see how it adds character to your new outdoor living space and highlights your new pool/spa.

Interior Finish

Your pool is finally at the phase where you can really see it come together. Now, the interior finish that you selected is applied, bringing your pool to life!

Fill + Enjoy

The time you have waited for has arrived! Your swimming pool/spa is filled and you can celebrate with family and friends! 

You now have the Ultimate Destination, right outside your back door.

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